Searching For Clock

Drip drip da da! This few days has habit in drops fall asleep. Tick-tock voice

However, in the night, alone lying in bed listening to the bell placed indifference, continuously drip tick-tock, will think that is a terrible voice. This drop of da drab, like a mathematical number are as accurate, always repeating it does work, also aware of: living in tirelessly forward. Darkness and sleep enshrouded the earth. All things silence. Only clock ruthless, loudly to people report provides fades away.

The pendulum is constantly drops da panes. Each ring once, marks an life shorten one second, marks the nature gives us every moment in one’s life is gone. In a hurry to leave, in a hurry, and ultimately to where? This problem and who can answer me?

Every day he towards death, and close to step my happiness of who will answer? How do I live make yourself Happiness? How life can feel oneself is a life need? How life can not lose faith and desires? Never-ending clock can answer my question? It will say what? A second just born, second seconds and followed – really terrible! Facing the unsympathetic clock, heart surrounded by fear, make me sleep traveled difficult.

Time does not keep a person, I can not blindly deceptiveness. I must create for himself out another clock,Thought rich, brave action clock to replace the bland, drab, wounding mind clock, I want to find their own clock.


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