Yunnan Yingjiang Mass Need Tents

On 10 March 2011 58 points, 12 in Yunnan province dai dehong prefecture yingjiang county happen jingpo 5.8 earthquake, ending March 13 and statistics, Yingjiang county has sent 8999 top relief tents, 641 thing 6421 striped cloth, MianDaYi 1373 thing quilts, cooking oil, 83.175 10074 barrels, 3195 thing tons of rice, noodles, mineral water, 2179 thing 2352 pastry, noodles 800 jins, a drink, struck a relief materials. (including, inventory relief tents 695 top (damage cannot use), striped cloth 285 pieces, quilt 12743 bed 8657 piece suit, school uniform, providing local cooking oil 4227 barrels, rice 43.4 tons, mineral water 4618 pieces, instant noodles 4507 pieces), used to arrange for victims of production and life. Due to the affected people more, many victims still no tents. Battalion bulletin, to ensure all victims, tent gap in about 5000 top.

“Euro3.10” Yingjiang after the earthquake, the disaster affects national people’s heart, everyone, each offering enthusiastically donating for compassion, arousing the everywhere to rebuild “send warmth, to offer the compassion” heat flux. Many governments develop to the earthquake-hit area to offer the compassion activity. Support social welfare undertakings has been perfect people actively return society a kind of means. Now Yunnan earthquake need care and assistance. We want to reach for the disaster area to contributing a little love. Initiative social all circles personage love a helping hand for Yingjiang in the quake-hit areas, earthquake donation love donation.


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