The Best School In The Tent

Scourge ruthless, human beings.
Yunnan yingjiang March 10 seismic events caused hillock meng elementary schools damaged, directly to the close. As for the school YangXingMing future worried, local forces hand for school provides 33 top such tents, help schools in the location where 100 meters of edom, and give a glade flat build up military tent. Four made by cotton cloth tents have pitched, teaching permeability, ventilation and transparent than the general tents are better. Get local forces attention and aid, hillock meng elementary school is built in earthquake first tents elementary school hillock meng elementary school. Camps, not only work DouShuSheng, and children song –the school of grade 4 and 5 grade ninety students sang “Thanksgiving heart”, thank focus of the society and aid.

Natural disasters, we find it difficult to avoid, the world people from all walks of life should try to offer for the victims of the yingjiang a force, stretch out our enthusiasm of hand, let earthquake-stricken people feel human strong tender feeling.


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    Mar 25, 2011 @ 09:45:29

    I’m very interested in this kind of tents, feel very creative


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