Proper Position

Ying Ji Chang Kong, fish Ao shallow, the great tide, because they find appropriate oneself of position. The scent of roses, peony, the vast grassland fascinating, because they find belongs to own a suitable location. We each everybody has suits own position, because it is a beautiful scenery line.

Suitable for his position as light illuminating us, let us spend the wonderful, every day but the realistic society, but there are many people from others find oneself of position, this kind of practice is not advisable. With the wave of common flow, no Andy lau and cool, don’t want to force myself to get a “cool” modelling, this not only not Andy lau and cool, but the feeling of disgust engenders; No Lin sister graceful, must learn somebody else a set, finally, connect oneself can not only learn basic actions are away.

In everyday social phenomenon in this example emerge in endlessly. Actually, we don’t know yourself peculiar position is the most beautiful scenery line.


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  1. ritababys
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 07:45:33

    Find your place, let oneself circle in the air.


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