Eyes Can Speak

Have you ever heard of “eyes will talk story!”

Our eyes can accurately convey some information, so people often say, eyes will talk. Eyes blink a unity has narrowed a meaning. You had the similar experience? The people around every day will use eyes to communicate with you, as you read or not is a kind of learning. In school, class every day with face, teacher often with your eyes dialogue; When in your absent-minded, a teacher might use “foxy eyes” is watching you, remind you pay attention in class; Before you make knotty problems and trouble, the teacher will sacrifice for you an encouraging eye; In you for the teacher’s questions have answers for his questioning, the teacher’s eye for your confidence and smile. In learning you make great progress, and homecoming send you a celebrate the eyes, Because of something in your eyes is crying, students for you will become anxious; Because of something in your temper with understanding, homecoming eyes communicate with you, let you eliminate fury.

Daily life is also so. If other people staring at you see, you will involuntarily examine yourself and see if there was something wrong. If everything is normal, you will to others the Shadowed very angry. Eyes can really talk, isn’t it?


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